Practical People Management

Sue Stevenson
t: 07717 133 763
The Old Hall, Carsethorn,
Dumfries & Galloway,

HRBureau is owned and operated by Sue Stevenson MSc, Chartered MCIPD

“Clark Tracks switched from national, solicitor led, telephone advice services as the information was too generic and cautious, which often led to inappropriate and laborious processes. By switching to HRBureau we are able to understand the situation, so that all aspects of the case are considered and the problem can often be resolved faster and more agreeably to all parties.”

Stewart Kelly, Product Manager
Clark Tracks Ltd, Dumfries


Sue Stevenson and partner have over 30 years of experience in HR & Employment Law, with small and large businesses in manufacturing, services, retail, further education and charitable sectors.

We operate as a service rather than a consultancy and focus on the nuts and bolts of HR. In addition to providing advice we can do hands-on work for you, allowing you to get on with running your business.

We aim to meet the demands of small and medium businesses and we recognise the need for issues to be dealt with quickly and cost-effectively.